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What is the NJPAIP ?  It is a backup plan that the state government has seen fit to make available to every resident just in case they need it to be legally insured.

What would cause a person to need this type of policy?  Many things could put you in this category such as too many accidents, too many moving violations, being canceled for non-payment over 30 days and one of the rising causes a NJ DUI.

When you have one, two or three of these working against you it may be very hard and also very expensive to buy auto insurance from some or all of the regular well known companies in the state.

The Car Insurance does not rate a driver based on your credit profile, your level of education or whether or not you own your home.

What will you be rated on in the car Insurance plan?  You will be rated on where you live, your age, your driving history, your vehicle type and the coverages that you need.  The Car Insurance Plan does offer comprehensive and collision coverage just in case you have a leased or financed vehicle.

Quotes are free and we are glad to help you drive legal and insured, even if you need the most basic or affordable policy available.

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